Monday, September 8, 2008

The Man Family

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gabriel said...

I love the laugh track and Gustov not having time to eat with you.
That's a real dad. I love you all, man family.

Annie said...

I really emjoyed the character development and realistic dialog. I felt like I was the long lost sister in The Man Family who watches through the window and never interacts with anyone. It was like Christmas. . . for a Jew.

Bayless said...

The best part is that you wished me a happy birthday four months past the date of my birth. It made me think to myself, "What if I was born on this day? What would be different in my life?"

I will always wonder now…. If my mom gave birth to me on this day would you wish me a happy birthday four months past the date? And would I have this same thought process?

...for all others - this is a true story......