Sunday, May 20, 2007

First Post

Where to begin? I'm sitting at my computer, peering over the top of the monitor onto a beautiful day that I really ought to be out in, but I'm having to be very careful not to move too much, on account of the nasty tummy ache that I anticipate (nay, that I deserve) as a result of some well-intentioned but ill-advised alcoholic endeavours yesterday evening.

Normally, at a time like this, I would go for a coffee, but where I live there are two competing coffee shops on opposite sides of the road, one with nicer coffee, the other with nicer baristas, and the prospect of making an existential choice of that magnitude in my emotionally fragile state (what do I value more—social or material goods?) is daunting to the point of being paralyzing this morning.

Nonetheless, something must be done, lest, coffeeless, my day spirals yet further downward into, well, whatever it is that days spiral into when they're going downhill. Wish me luck and Godspeed. If fate is on my side this Sunday, I will return home shortly with a latte.

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