Sunday, July 15, 2007


Months, perhaps, since my last post. That such initial enthusiasm should turn so sour after such a short time. Or even just that a false start or two is part and parcel; par for the course. I am experimenting with short, impressionistic sentences at the moment. Gently dabbing the idea onto the page; one does not worry quite so much about staying within the lines. Must be a deeply annoying tendency. Unless you're Joyce.

Then it's sublimely annoying.

What's new? Well, I have been learning Flash, playing soccer, plugging away at my other blogs, failing to make out with a lot of different girls. Last night, I gallantly walked two separate inebriated women home at separate times and then turned around and walked home again. Like driving to the Grand Canyon parking lot, then just going right ahead and driving back without exiting the car. Twice. I would like very much to exit the car with someone one of these days.

This just in: Metaphor strains, breaks under pressure.

That's all for today. I will attempt to be more diligent in keeping this blog up to date. And by next time, we hope, I will have graduated from impressionism to high modernism. Fewer sentence fragments. Saying what you mean.

Sublimely annoying.

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